Scrum Development

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Agile transformation is the process of transitioning an entire organization to one that can embrace and thrive in a flexible, collaborative, self-organizing, fast-changing environment. Many organizations have been building software and related products for years. The world has decided to move much faster and build smaller software in incremental steps. The complete cultural and organizational mind set must change to one that embraces a culture of self-organization and collaboration. An agile transformation changes the fundamental DNA of an organization.

Learning Objectives

SAFe is an increasingly popular approach for the creation of agility at the enterprise scale. We apply the SAFe framework with proven organizational change management strategies. Our consultants understand what it takes and come equipped with a toolkit of resources and knowledge to support the organization. Our approach to transformation respects where you are today while laying the foundation for where you need to be in the future. We begin every consulting engagement by gaining and understanding of your organization’s goals and defining an end-state vision for your transformation. 

Our SAFe Program Consultants will work with you to chart out a clear SAFe implementation roadmap starting with assessment of your organization’s Agile maturity as well as your SAFe adoption maturity before the transformation begins. Our team will craft an adoption strategy and a transformation backlog including training at all levels of your organization, coaching and mentoring teams and executives and aligning your tool to the SAFe framework. Implementation consulting continues throughout your transformation and beyond, as an extended part of your team to ensure smooth execution of the backlog.